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Opensource GPL license are granted from FRESHMEAT.NET

Mailing List System
MailingList system is a system that is build for small to medium size website who has a subscriber of 3000 or less. It is pretty simple though, what it does is to allow you to send newsletter to you subscribers, manage your subscribers and so on!

  • Complete with email verification
  • Send to all your subscribers in a second
  • The best thing is FREE!

Web Directory Script
This is a web directory that best suitable for small to medium size directory. It comes in with an admin panel where you can administer your web directory. Below is some of it's feature:

  • Create as many categories as you like
  • Unlimited web site listing
  • Offer web site submission from other webmaster
  • Automatically generate XML sitemap in just one click

PHP Rating System
For anyone who would like to offer an image rating service, our PHP rating system allows you to give your visitors a chance to rate your images or photos. It has an admin panel included. Below is some of it's features:

  • Visitors are not force to rate an image before seeing the others
  • Visitors can view what is the top ten rated images
  • Admin has the option to upload images to be rated
  • Admin has the option to delete images by browsing

Domain Trading Script
This is our first ever free php script. Just for anyone who wish to organize their domain portfolio or putting it up for sale, our DNscript is can handle that. It can also send bidders an email confirmation when his or her bid is accepted by a seller. They can also place their domain for sale. Below is some of it's feature:

  • Visitors are allowed to browse freely but they can't bid on domain
  • Search function is available to help your potential buyer find your domain
  • Members have their own panel where they can find out who is bidding on their domain and how much does each bidder bids. If they accept the offer, bidder will receive a confirmation email as a notification that his or her bid is accepted
  • Admin can add as many categories and listing as they wish
  • Admin and member has the option to view their closed transactions