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Their hosting network is based on linux and unix systems through dell poweredge servers which are monitored 24/7 for any unusual activity and benchmarked continuously for performance. being an employee owned and self operated company, inmotion hosting's employees cover an average of 5 years hosting experience, backed by a senior staff with a decade of hosting experience. the combination of experienced knowledge, responsive management and friendly staff offers customers what made them the "top host of 2002" according to web hosting advice. find out more about this top-rated support team behind the service at inmotion hosting. inmotion hosting is an employee owned and operated company. their employees average over 4 years of hosting experience and are backed by senior staff with over 10 years of experience.
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Over 200,000 worldwide members from an amazing 150 countries depend on the speed, reliability, security and global reach of ipowerweb to power their website. using dell poweredge and hp proliant servers, cisco firewalls and routers and premium bandwidth through partnerships with at&t and cable & wireless, ipowerweb operates two world-class data centers which are connected to the internet using high performance oc-48 and oc-192 connections
Linux windows dedicated servers
vote on Linux windows dedicated servers  view review on Linux windows dedicated servers provides web hosting for linux and windows and website promotion for your small business or personal website. they have pretty much hosting packages to choose from. they also provides 24 7 live support.
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Lunarpages offers industry leading infrastructure built with the best equipment, including: dell, sun and cisco network devices. their state of the art datacenter, located in los angeles, california, provides the highest level of security, safety, redundancy, reliability, scalability and technology. their internal gigabit fiber network is multi backboned with mzima networks, ntt/verio, global crossing, genuity and cable & wireless.
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Powweb's network operations center (noc) is located in the garland building right in downtown los angeles, california. the facility serves to fulfill the main needs for a network center -- security, redundancy, and scalability. security staff are on-site 24/7, with digital survelliance cameras and palm scanners mapped around the area. backups are conditioned utilizing hot sync technology. powweb's choice of internap bandwidth, dell poweredge servers with 9 terabytes of netapp file storage space ensures ever lasting availability and speed for hosted sites.
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Yahoo?s uptime in the industry is stellar. its no wonder since they have the finance to purchase top notch servers and hardware. its powered using the same infrastructure as their search engine so you can be assured that down time won't be a big issue. furthermore, yahoo is connected via redundant connections so if one of their internet connections goes down, the other will quickly replace it making your site difficult to go down. in other words, it gives your site more redundancy. since having an account with them for six months, we never experienced downtime.
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Startlogic is a new company only time will tell if they are able to maintain their high standards of uptime. startlogic is able to maintain its reputation for reliability with its data center located in phoenix, az, which provides redundant optical fiber connections from cox communications, qwest, and eli including broadwing communications, uunet and global crossing. with so much redundancy, its no wonder that they are able to offer such high uptimes in their web hosting. in addition, their world-class data center is custom designed with raised floors, hvac temperature control systems, redundant power, ups back-up and power conditioning systems and generators.
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