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General Overview
Before you may want to submit anything to our articles index, please understand that this is a free index. Which means, anyone can copy and print it for either personal or commercial purpose as long as the author's copyright remain in tag. If you don't want your articles to be distributed freely, please do not submit to our index. Find out more at FAQ

About Submission
Submitting articles to our database is free. Completely free of charge! Whenever you submit a new article, it will appear on our website instantly. Please make note that we only accept articles that are related to computer, technology, internet and webmasters! We don't accept gambling and pornography. Do not submit anything that does not comply with our policy.

  • Criteria
    When you submit your article, make sure your article is less than 2000 words. It is the maximum amount we allow for 1 article.

About Rules Violation
Submitting articles in multiply category and submitting content that is mentioned above is a rules violation. We will not tolerate it and may result in IP banning if necessary!

About Profit Sharing
Profit sharing means that you can earn cash via your Google adsense account. For everytime you submit an articles, your adsense code is used to display the advertising. This is optional! If you don't want to participate this profit sharing program. What you need to do is not to provide us your publisher ID when submitting your article. Thus, it will be shown with default format.

Articles published through is for informational purposes. In no manner we should be reponsible or liable for the content, misuse of content and the origin of the articles