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What is Profit sharing?
Profit sharing is a program which allow author, webmasters and anyone who submit their articles to our index to get a chance to earn cash through their Google Adsense.

What is Google Adsense?
Google Adsense is an online program which allow user to earn cash everytime there is someone who clicks on the ads. Visit Adsense for more info. Adsense

How can I join this program?
To join this program, you must have an adsense account. If you don't have any, apply one! After that you can enter you publisher ID to our DB which can be found under 'Manage Account' inside your member's panel.

Why should I join this program?
If you are a writter, or a webmaster who wish to share your thought, this program is definetely a great one to join as it offer revenue opportunity to you. We are different from any other articles index. They don't offer you this earning potential. We are the only one who offer you!

How does it work?
For everytime you submit your article to our index, your advertising code is used to display Google Adsense on the articles that you had submitted. We don't rotate your code! It will be shown 100%!

How many advertising format on each page?
We only allow one advertising format on one page.

Is this violating Google rules?
As far as we had go forth and back reading their terms and conditions, they did not mention that publisher code is not allowed to be used on domain which is not theirs. More about Google Adsense program policy! And we had personally email Adsense support about this. It seems to be fine with them.

Is it ok to provide publisher code?
Publisher code is just a unique code which determine who's account is it. If you roam around the internet, whenever you see adsense ads, you can find their publisher code by viewing their HTML code. Thus, you are safe with this program! Some other website who run this type of program is

Can I use other people publisher code?
It's up to you! You can even grabs someone else code to be shown in your articles, but what is the point? They will earn the cash, not you!

How long can this program last?
We can't guarantee that it will last forever. As long as Google policy remains, we will run this program.